Parvovirus myths

There are many myths floating around social media about Parvovirus at the moment, we thought we would try and dispel a few.

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1.  Parvo is in the soil for 10 years – wrong.
⦁ Parvo is deactivated by sunlight if contaminated items are left in direct sunlight for 24 hours. This will not be effective on blankets or soil
⦁ Parvo can be in the soil in dark and wet areas for up to 12 months. It will be less in open sunlit areas

2. I can treat Parvo at home with Sugar Water or Gatorade – wrong
⦁ While the mainstay of Parvo treatment is intravenous fluids to prevent dehydration, one of the biggest problems is the vomiting that is associated with the virus
⦁ No matter how much fluid you put in your dogs mouth, it is no good if they vomit it back up
⦁ You cannot get enough fluids or electrolytes into them orally to replace the amount of fluid dogs lose from vomiting & diarrhoea
⦁ The glucose in these products will help with energy levels—if your dog does not vomit them back up

3.  I just need some antibiotics – wrong
⦁ Parvo is a virus—antibiotics do not kill viruses, they kill bacteria
⦁ We do use antibiotics in the treatment regime, but it is to prevent bacterial infections as the virus strips the lining off of the insides of your dogs intestines

4.  Vitamin C will fix everything – wrong
⦁ While vitamins are important for the health of your pet, vitamin C will not fix Parvovirus

5.  Vaccinations don’t work anyway – wrong
⦁ Vaccinating your pet is the best chance we have of preventing Parvovirus
⦁ Vaccinating not only helps to prevent your dog from getting Parvo, it also helps to decrease the amount of disease we see in the community. Meaning fewer dogs will be exposed to the virus, and fewer will get it full stop
⦁ You must make sure your dog has all their vaccinations
⦁ As young puppies, keep them isolated until 2 weeks after their final vaccination

6.  Just throw some bleach around, that will kill it – wrong
⦁ Supermarket bleach will not kill Parvovirus, you need hospital grade
⦁ Virkon is what most vets use to kill Parvovirus, and we have it readily available
⦁ F10 is not effective against Parvo

If you suspect your dog may have Parvo, the best thing is to get them checked out early. The earlier we start treatment, the higher the chance your dog will pull through.

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